Emmanuel Church Canterbury


Sunday Morning Service

What time is the service? The service starts at 10.30am.

Where do you meet? We meet at St John's Church of England Primary School. Enter the school via St Radigund's Car Park CT1 2AA.  For directions click here.

What happens? When you arrive you’ll be given a service sheet which shows what happens when. No-one is put on the spot or told to do or say anything they feel uncomfortable with. In some parts of the service we are invited simply to listen, such as when the Bible is read out loud and explained. In other parts of the service we are invited to sing, or say together a summary of Christian belief. We encourage people only to say or sing things that they themselves believe. We don't want to put words into people's mouths! There are also prayers led by someone from the front and often we are invited to say 'Amen' if we agree with what has been prayed.

Do I have to be a Christian to come to church? No. We love having people of any religion or none at our services. We try to make each service useful and accessible for someone who isn't a Christian as well as those who are.

How do I find the church? See our 'How to find us' page for how to get to us.

What about parking? There is parking available on the school site.

What if I find it difficult to get to you? If you need a lift to get to church, then contact us and we will see what we can do.

What if I arrive late? We always start the services on time, but don't worry if you are late. Someone will find you a seat.

What should I wear? There is no dress code. Wear whatever you'd like.

Do I need to bring any money? No. Regular members do give money to the church, but newcomers and those who are not Christians are encouraged not to give anything. Refreshments served after the services are also free.

Can I bring children? Yes. We love having children with us, so much so that every service is for all ages of people, young and old alike. As a church we love to keep families together as much as possible, and make church a great family experience.

What if they are noisy? Don't worry! Sometimes it just happens that way. We have a well equipped (and soundproof!) creche room that you can take your baby/toddler to where there are plenty of toys, baby change facilities, kitchenette and sound relay so you can hear what is going on the service.

Do you have a Sunday School? Yes - we call it "Treasure Hunters". Children aged 3 and above can leave during the second part of the service for a time exclusively geared to their age group. Occasionally we have an all-age service throughout.

What sort of people will I meet at church? You will meet people of all ages from all walks of life.

How long does each service last? About an hour and a quarter. All-age services are more like an hour, and when we have the Lord's Supper, it is more like an hour and a half. After the formal close of the service we hand round light refreshments. This a good time to get to know other people and chat.

Will I be hounded to keep coming? No. You are welcome to join us whenever you like.

How do I join the church? If you are interested in joining the church the best place to start is by coming on a Sunday. Please introduce yourself to our Minister: he’d love to meet you. He can then talk about how you might be involved, and answer your questions.